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Debt Discharge in Bankruptcy

If you have not filed your tax returns and have not gotten caught up with any back taxes owed, there are serious ramifications.
If you have not filed your tax returns and have not gotten caught up with any back taxes owed, there are serious ramifications.

Owing the IRS Money is Intimidating to Most People, and that's Why So Many Turn to the Experts at Tax Problem Solver to Maximize Their Chances of Winning a Tax Settlement while Minimizing Their Contact with the IRS Agents.

The Determination of Whether Bankruptcy will Alleviate Your Tax Debt Depends 
Upon Several Factors, Such As the Nature of the Tax Liability and the Type of Bankruptcy Proceeding You Are In. Talk to Us...We're the Experts in Bankruptcy Tax Relief!

TAX PROBLEM: Tax Debt of Any Kind is a Problem and a Hassle, and Should be Addressed by a Professional Who Knows Every Option.
You have mounting IRS tax debt that needs to be successfully eliminated, or dealt with, but you don’t know what options are available to you, or how to make a decision as to which path to take.

CONSEQUENCE: The IRS May Refuse to Reduce Your Debt.
In settlement discussions with IRS, all assets must be disclosed and properly valued, with supporting documentation. Calculating the amount to offer is an “art”. Any flaw in your presentation can doom your offer. With professional local representation, your case can be preliminarily evaluated for success and, if pursued, pushed through to conclusion.

SOLUTION: Get Experienced Help to Resolve Your Tax Debt A.S.A.P.
You need the professionals at to navigate the tricky and difficult waters of an IRS negotiation, if that’s the appropriate route to take. There are several options to eliminate your tax debts. These include (i) expiration of the statute of limitations on collections, (ii) a settlement via Offer in Compromise, (iii) challenging the actual amount of the liability, (iv) discharging the tax debt through bankruptcy, and (v) avoiding your liability via Innocent Spouse (or similar) Relief. Most Tax Resolution Companies really only handle OICs, when there are other, often better, options that may be available to you. The professionals at know all the options that may be available, and are competent to discuss them with you in detail. And HTLG frequently works with outside tax lawyers when bankruptcy or criminal tax defense is necessary. You need to get started ASAP!

Bankruptcy May be an Option! You may be surprised to learn that older income taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. We have developed an expertise in this area and can discuss whether bankruptcy may be better for you than an OIC.*

*While your bankruptcy options can be generally discussed with Tax Problem Solver personnel, we are not a law firm. The actual bankruptcy would be performed by a licensed bankruptcy tax attorney, Larry Heinkel, P.A.

Don’t Ignore the IRS – Things Get Bad Quickly!

HOW TO TAKE ACTION: Let Us Determine Your Best Course of Action!
Most of our competitors don’t offer solutions other than Offers in Compromise, yet an OIC may not be the best opton for you. Bankruptcy may be better. Or maybe the statute of limitations will expire soon. So, rather than just push you into an OIC, which may not be appropriate for you, we always start with a “Game Plan” consultation.

When we meet, we will listen carefully and compassionately to your story and the facts of your particular case. Then we will outline the options available to you. We will explain what you can and cannot do; what the IRS can and cannot do. We will answer all your questions with this in mind:

we will tell you the truth, whether you like the news or not. We won’t tell you what you want to hear (too many competitors tell you what you want to hear, to get your hard-earned money – we don’t do that). So, you may not know what to do now, but you will once you meet with us. Get Your Game Plan today, and sleep better tonight.

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with the IRS to Eliminate Your Tax Debt.

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