Beware of Phony IRS Collectors

Beware of Phony IRS Collectors

  • April 4, 2018
Beware of Phony IRS Collectors

As Uncle Sam begins to crack down harder on tax matters, scammers are cashing in. As summer sizzles on, the IRS scams are heating up!

The IRS has a program that uses private debt collectors to recover back taxes, and the scammers have taken notice. In April, the IRS started the process of turning over approximately 140,000 seriously delinquent accounts to collectors. As a result, you need to be aware of callers claiming to be or represent the IRS. They’re particularly active this summer!

IRS phone scams are one of the most common kinds of tax fraud, taking the number two spot in 2017. It’s important to be aware that the IRS – as well as collectors employed by the IRS – never makes first contact by phone. The IRS and any assigned debt collector BOTH must send a letter informing you of an account transfer before the debt collector can contact you by phone. At this time, the IRS only has contracted with 4 debt collection agencies: CBE Group, ConServe, Performant and Pioneer Credit Recovery. Unless you receive a letter first, a phone call should be a major red flag! Ask which company the caller represents, get a name and contact number and follow up with the IRS before providing any information. If they badger you about paying immediately, hang up! Payments aren’t made to the debt collector, only to the U.S. Treasury, by check or by check or electronically, on the IRS’s website.

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About the Author Larry Heinkel J.D. LL.M

Larry Heinkel is a tax and bankruptcy attorney with more than 38 years experience helping businesses and individuals, solve their state and federal tax problems. Mr. Heinkel has been extremely successful in representing his clients before IRS and DOR, and is known throughout Florida as an expert in tax problem resolution.

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