Beating the IRS for 40 Years! (727) 894-2099

Beating the IRS for 40 Years! (727) 894-2099

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— John M., Tampa FL

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    Larry is at the top of the tax lawyers in Florida. He knows his stuff and gives his clients a very fair deal. I won’t trust my tax issues to anyone else. Use him, so you don’t lose.
    — Richard A. from Tampa, FL

    We would like to express our deep and sincere thanks. With all the communications, speed of response, various filings, and other work you have done on our behalf, we are more than satisfied with your services. Larry, you have a fabulous team and do fabulous work. Thank you.
    — phillip t. from Orlando, FL

    I was paralyzed with fear over my seemingly overwhelming tax issues. My CPA recommended Larry. I contacted the Heinkel Law Group, and Larry took over for me, immediately giving me hope and peace of mind that this could be resolved. He was attentive and responsive to my needs, and laid out a game plan for resolution. He consistently kept me updated and responded to my concerns, and I felt comfortable speaking with him. In my particular situation, he was able to eliminate penalties, reducing my obligation significantly, and negotiating a payment plan I could live with. I could not have done this without Larry, and he will be the first call for any future tax issues.
    — TC from Clearwater, FL

    I am a busy surgeon and had a former IRS agent in another town doing taxes for my business (PA) and my personal taxes. He never bugged me for copies of receipts or details of spending, so dealing with him was easy. Unfortunately, he was apparently filling in the gaps of information with guesses and after a few years, my business and my personal tax returns were audited by the IRS and I could not justify my tax returns. I was ordered to pay back taxes, penalty and interest in an amount which exceeded my yearly income by two times. I should say that amount was owed by me personally and a similar amount by my business (PA).
    A friend in the financial community recommended I contact Larry Heinkel. Larry worked with my new CPA and the IRS agent and reduced the amount my business and personal tax debt to a fraction of the original quote. I had heard the penalty and interest could not be reduced but Larry managed to do just that. Thanks to Larry, I did not have to sell my house or any property. I learned my lesson and now have a CPA who tracks every dollar I spend personally and on my business. I have not had another audit. I have Larry Heinkel to thank for helping me get out of a huge financial crisis.
    — BASIL F., M.D. from Tampa, FL

    Dear Mr. Heinkel
    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping our company with the unforeseen tax issues arising from bad advice received from our old firm of CPA’s.
    Your assistance with dealing with the IRS audit and subsequent follow-up was a great help to my office staff who had to deal with weeks of badgering from the IRS agent who had practically moved into our office. The disruption to our business and stress to my staff in dealing with this issue was greatly alleviated by your calm and professional assistance.
    I especially want to commend Mr. Greg White CPA whom you recommended to assist with sorting through and making sense of the accounting mess we inherited from our old accountants. His understanding and commitment to the effort as well as his willingness to explain and answer any questions during the day-to-day activities we constantly encountered over the course of this overly length process was a great help to my staff.
    No question that your assistance with our case has saved us a large sum in penalties and interest for which I whole heartily thank you.I would strongly recommend your services to anyone needing help with tax or other issues relating to the IRS. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference.
    — James c. from Clearwater Beach, FL

    Due a shaky economy and a barrage of cheap imported seafood from Asia, I was losing my business and was in fear twenty-four hours a day that I would not only lose my business, but would also have to forfeit my home to foreclosure along with all of my possessions. As one can imagine, depression was beginning to set in and I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Fortunately, a friend of mine saw what I was going through and strongly recommended that I reach out to Mr. Heinkel for advice and direction. I took the advice and called Mr. Heinkel to set up a meeting. After the meeting and speaking with Mr. Heinkel, I never looked back at my economic troubles. Mr. Heinkel treated me with respect and told me he thought he could help me and he certainly lived up to his word. Although I was in unfamiliar territory with the legal proceedings, I knew I was in very good hands with his team. Without getting into the minute details of the case, I can firmly say that reaching out to Mr. Heinkel was the best decision my wife and I had ever made. The relief I got from working with Mr. Heinkel and his team was indescribable. I was no longer stressed and could begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and could start putting my life back together. Anyone that is currently experiencing some of the same troubles as I did, I strongly recommend that you contact Larry Heinkel right away.
    — John w. from Valdosta, GA

    I can’t thank Larry and his team enough for their expertise in handling the IRS for me during a financial hardship I had due to the economic downturn. For years, it seemed like an hopeless situation trying to find any resolution on my own with the IRS and my tax problems. Larry was successful in negotiating a reasonable offer and compromise, and it was settled quickly. It changed my outlook on my life, and have a second chance to rebuild myself financially for a future. I am truly grateful.
    — Kirsten f. from Orlando, FL

    It has been a year since I hired JK Harris in the matter of an unresolved tax issue with the IRS during which time the tax liability grew to $100,000 from $9,900. I became desperate as I saw my case passed from one JK Harris associate to another with no end in sight. Fortunately for me I was referred to Mr. Lawrence Heinkel, told to me to be one of the best tax attorneys in the state. I was skeptical, but after only 3 weeks I am writing a check to the IRS for $2,500 to settle my case in full. I am not skeptical any longer about Mr. Heinkel’s abilities and would recommend his services to anyone in need of quality representation.
    — Tamas h. from Apopka, FL

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