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Here's How We Work:

It’s a simple process that lets us learn exactly where you stand with the IRS, and lets us determine exactly what needs to be done for your best outcome. You CAN put this all behind you – and get your life back

Step 1: Conduct a Free Consult to help you decide if we're the right choice for you.

Step 2: The Investigation Phase: We'll execute an IRS FORM 2848 (Power of Attorney) so we can get the Record of Account (ROA). We request every single transaction that has occurred for each taxpayer.

Step 3: We request a "Stay of Enforcement." And from the (ROA) data, we get a clear picture of the information the IRS is using against you. We develop a Game Plan Strategy to best resolve your tax debt situation.

Step 4: This is the Compliance Phase. Once we get your (ROA) data, we'll determine if all your tax returns are filed and if they were filed correctly. You cannot begin to negotiate with the IRS until you are in Compliant status.

Step 5: We negotiate, negotiate, negotiate and get your problem resolved to your satisfaction.

Step 6: We close your case and you get your life back.

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