Is the IRS picking on you?

Is the IRS picking on you?

  • February 18, 2019

You are not alone. Running the government is expensive and the number one means for paying its bills and expenses is you - the taxpayer! The government is an equal opportunity debt collector. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little guy just trying to make a living or a person of wealth, the IRS doesn’t care. If they have determined you owe them money, they’re going to use all their resources to get it. The fact is, they have much deeper pockets than you do to fight for what they think is owed to them.

Do you know what the IRS knows about you? Don’t you think you should?  

Let’s face it. Going up against the IRS can be a real battle. So what do you do before going into that battle? You get as much intel as you can, and the most important intel is what the IRS knows about you. Before you even respond to any tax issues, you’re going to need a game plan, and to put together the most effective one, you need to know what they know. Then you need to know what to do with that knowledge.

Tax Attorney Larry Heinkel has been fighting the IRS for more than 35 years and has assembled the Tax Problem Solver Team to help business owners, real estate agents, 1099 compensated individuals, NFL football players, celebrities, and politicians beat the IRS. He has seen and battled against every possible tax problem imaginable.

In every situation, they thought they knew what the IRS knew, but every time, there was something they didn’t know and that meant they went to battle not knowing all the moves the IRS could make. But with the Tax Problem Solver Team, we can help you get the info you need and put thispotent Tax Problem Solver advantage to work for you for a one-time cost of just $347!

Knowledge is Power.

So how do you arm yourself with the most Intel you can?  By having the Tax Problem Solver Team analyze your tax information through the submission of IRS Form 8821. Form 8821 authorizes the IRS to disclose your confidential tax information to Tax Problem Solver. This is the information used by the IRS to determine what confidential tax information we can inspect and/or receive.

Because the 8821 can be rather complicated, assistance from the Tax Problem Solver Team can help make sure your tax information authorization gets approved the first time. When we have access to this information, our team can identify what returns you need to file, how much tax, interest, and penalties are due, or if your account is in collections.  Further, it will give us a “big picture” look at what you’re dealing with and what your game plan needs to be.

At Tax Problem Solver, We Speak Fluent IRS.  

A report of your tax records may mean little to you if you can’t understand what it says, let alone, what it means.  You see, the IRS has a language all its own that sounds like double talk. But to the trained professionals at Tax Problem Solver, the language is crystal clear.  For less than the cost of a typical car payment, we can “interpret” this valuable information and put it in layman’s terms, letting you know what they have on you and what your options are. Whether simple or complex, at least you will know what they do.  

Importantly, as a Tax Attorney, I can give you all the possible options and guidance that a non-attorney tax person can’t offer. The bottom line is, this information could potentially save you thousands.  

I want to be in the know.  What do I do next?

For just a one-time fee of $347, Tax Problem Solver will help prepare the Form 8821, submit it to the IRS, along with a “proven to work” cover letter addressed to the IRS on our TPS letterhead, and you can learn exactly what the IRS knows and what you can do about it! 

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About the Author Larry Heinkel J.D. LL.M

Larry Heinkel is a tax and bankruptcy attorney with more than 38 years experience helping businesses and individuals, solve their state and federal tax problems. Mr. Heinkel has been extremely successful in representing his clients before IRS and DOR, and is known throughout Florida as an expert in tax problem resolution.

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